A PARAPLEGIC woman was kicked out of a post office because her wheelchair was “taking up too much room”.  Sue Hitchings was ordered out of the branch in Knowle, Bristol on Saturday while she queued with her husband to pay bills and buy stamps.  Insisting her electric wheelchair was blocking aisle, staff demanded she wait outside in the cold  Sue said: “I was so shocked and embarrassed.  “There were lots of other people in the queue who were looking at me – I felt humiliated.

“I have a normal electric wheelchair and am able to go into other shops without a problem.”

Husband Robert added: “What about all the elderly people who use the post office, if they are alone and in a wheelchair do they just get booted out?”

When approached for a comment, the sub-postmaster, who refused to give his name, defended his decision to ban electric wheelchairs, on “health and safety” grounds.

He said: “Large electric wheelchairs don’t fit down the narrow aisles because they are too wide and there’s no turning space for them.

“We go out of our way to help all our customers, especially those with disabilities.

“I have asked many people in electric or motorised wheelchairs to stay outside while we get them what they want, or a family member gets it for them from the post office.

“We have had people in motorised wheelchairs lose control in the past. One customer had his foot run over, another was hit by a wheelchair and once a wheelchair user collided with our lottery machine. It is a health and safety issue.”

The Sun