DMUK Logo (RGB)The 2016 budget is soon to be announced, and DMUK strongly encourages the government not to increase fuel duty.

Due to the significant reduction in oil prices (and hence fuel costs) over the last year or so, DMUK anticipates that a fuel duty increase would be a “soft target” as a way of further decreasing the deficit. However, DMUK would – on behalf of its members and all disabled motorists – urge the government not to take this course of action.

DMUK Chairman, Dr Adrian V Stokes OBE, has written to the Chancellor of the Exchequer to voice the charity’s concerns. In his letter he states: “The majority of disabled people (who are perhaps the most vulnerable in society) are totally reliant on their cars for personal independent mobility and they have found the reduction in fuel costs has greatly benefitted them and appreciably increased their mobility. This, of course, enables them to take a fuller part in society and may also increase their chances of obtaining and retaining a job which would be of benefit not only to themselves but also to the country as a whole. If you were to increase fuel duty, this would have the opposite effect, namely to reduce the mobility of disabled people with all the obvious consequences.”