The Sun has come across some very devoted pet owners who will really go the extra mile to help their animal companions. Check out some of the cutest and most innovative equipment created to help their pets with their ailments…


diasbled dog

Going swimmingly … but this mutt looks like it might be out of its depth


Missing both hind legs, this pooch still loves chasing balls with the help of its mobility frame.


chicken in a walking frame

Cock of the walk … chicken in a walking frame


This chicken, from New York, US, is happily strutting around thanks to its walking frame but finds hard surfaces much easier to navigate than grass.


Holli the disabled alpaca

Can she see where she’s going? … Holli the alpaca


When alpaca Holli was left paralysed after her herd was spooked by a dog, her caring owner spent more than £6,000 having her treated and teaching her to use this wheelchair.


Disabled miniature horse Harry

Pint-sized pony … miniature horse Harry


Miniature horse Harry moves around with the help of a special quad wheelchair, which helps relieve the pressure on his deformed joints.


Disabled Chris P Bacon uses a K'Nex chair

Oink-redible … Chris P Bacon uses a K’Nex chair


Disabled pig Chris P Bacon became an internet sensation when footage of him scooting around in his K’Nex chair was uploaded to the web.


Disabled Sebastian in his Duck Truck

Quacking idea … Sebastian in his Duck Truck


Sebastian the duck was abandoned at birth because of his disability, but he ended up living life to the fullest with the help of his specially-made Duck Truck.


Disabled goldfish uses floating harness

Tanks for helping … goldfish uses floating harness


A kind-hearted owner fitted this disabled goldfish with a floating harness to help it bob around with the other fish – rather than floundering on the bottom.


Disabled sheep uses wheelchair

Taking the sheep out for a Spin … animal with wheelchair


Spin the sheep was born with crippled hind legs, but a specially-built wheelchair has given her a new fleece of life


Disabled rabbit uses a wheelchair

Vest in show … rabbit uses a wheelchair


As if this cute rabbit wasn’t sweet enough, its mobility equipment is attached to an adorable yellow vest.


Disabled moggy Charlie in his frame

Cat’s a good idea … moggy Charlie in his frame
Jeff Morris


Hit by a rare brain disorder which prevents him from walking, Charlie the cat loves chasing insects thanks to his wheeled frame.


Disabled turtle Little Bit

Turt-ally brilliant … but even with wheels, Little Bit is still pretty slow


After being hit by a car and partially paralysed, Eastern Box Turtle Little Bit was fitted with wheels which attach to her shell using velcro straps.

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