Dressing up takes an awful lot of spoons, especially if you’re a person who enjoys looking glam on a night out. Sometimes you need to save all of your energy for going out, and you haven’t got much to spare for dolling yourself up before you hit the town. It’s not easy having to partition out all of your energy and ensure you’ve got enough left to have a fun night out. Try not to worry about this being the case: we’ve cobbled together a few ideas to help make sure you feel beautiful inside and out when you head out for your Christmas party.

Pre-Party Prep

Doing a face mask is a great way of improving your skin for few spoons

Caravaggio didn’t just slap paint on a canvas, you know. You’ve got to prep that skin before you even consider getting the make-up out. Thankfully, this is something that’s so easy to do ahead of time, and can even be incorporated into a self-care routine so that you’re not wasting precious spoons running around like a blue-bottomed fly at the last minute. If you’ve got enough energy, use the night before the big day to get your skin in check: grab your favourite facial care products and get into it. Maybe even run a bath and do a hair mask while you’re at it? If you’re low on time, crack out the Korean sheet masks – the reason they’ve become so popular in the last year is that they are just that good. Special mention goes to anything with snail slime in it. Sounds absolutely gross, but just wait until you feel your skin afterwards!

Keep it Simple!

Worried about wasting all your spoons getting glam? Pick one thing and take it up to 11!

Pick one part of your outfit and make it absolutely extra. Got a pair of amazingly glittery shoes? Wear them and a black dress, that’s instant glam. Not sure how to make that perfect black jumpsuit that you find really comfortable wearing in your wheelchair glam? Bang, statement necklace, it’s like you just rolled off the catwalk at London Fashion Week. Pairing something incredibly basic that you feel very comfortable in and that suits your needs with something big and bold is a fast-track to being “the glam one at the party”. It’s as easy as wearing red lipstick, or having the confidence to put on an amazing necklace that’s just the right side of “far too big” and heading out in it. There are no rules at all, but don’t waste all of your spoons fretting about making every single iota of your being going for a total red carpet look if you just don’t have the energy.

Pack Your Bags

Preserve your spoons by packing your bag ahead of the night out.

You get in the taxi from your house to go to the restaurant and meet everyone at the Christmas party. Everything’s great; the taxi driver is barely speaking (massive bonus) and you think, “oh sugar, I should probably put on lipstick.” Into your clutch you dive, and lo, there is no lipstick. It is gone. You forgot to pack it. Your favourite lipstick is sitting on the bathroom sink, and this is a level 6 disaster – at least, at the very bare minimum. Now you need to send a few panicked texts and hope someone is generous enough to share their lipstick with you, but will they see the messages in time? Will they bring you a decent lipstick? What if they have a cold sore? Oh God, this is awful. What we’re trying to tell you here is: pack everything you need the night before because no-one needs a cold sore from a friend’s gross lipstick they found under the seat of their car in an emergency. The fewer spoons you waste sorting your bag out, the more you have to apply your own lipstick.

Go Bling or Go Home

The easiest way to get glammed on only a few spoons? Sequins. Lots of sequins.

Let us bring you in on a secret. Sit down, this is a big one. Are you ready? The easiest way to look glamorous while expending almost no energy at all…is…sequins. Sequins and glitter. It literally does not matter whereupon your person you put them. Glitter in your hair, on your eyes, sequins on a dress or a jacket, massive glittery earrings, glitter shoes; it does not matter. Once you put on sequins you are in a 100% Christmas appropriate outfit and you are ready to go out. Put sequins on a bin bag. Put on the bin bag. Go out. People are going to demand to know where you got that dress from. The best thing about this? As we run-up to Christmas, there are sequins and glitter everywhere, and you can buy one in advance when your spoons allow for it. In the immortal words of Miss Roxxxy Andrews: “When life is bringing you down, put on a shiny sequinsed gown.” Is that wrong English?


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