This morning, Superhero Series announced its newest partner backing the trailblazing sports series: Europe’s leading airline, easyJet. As part of its role as a platinum partner, easyJet staff will be joining hundreds of ‘Sidekicks’, the fabulous volunteers who are on hand to provide any support participants might need as they complete unique tri challenges at Dorney Lake, Windsor on 18 August.

Superhero Tri, powered by npower, is the only mass-participation sports series dedicated to the UK’s 13.3 million disabled people. It invites people with any kind of disability to go solo or unite with family and friends to take on unique challenges with as much or as little time and support as they need. Gismos and gadgets, from floats and boats to adaptive bikes and trikes, are positively encouraged on the triathlon course – as are masks, capes and pants over tights. The emphasis is very much on fun.

Superhero Series founder and Paralympian Sophia Warner is acutely aware of the challenges those with disabilities and long-term injuries face on a day-to-day basis. Access to transport, including flying, is a key challenge for many and airlines can continue to improve their service by gaining first-hand insight from the disabled community – which is why the partnership has come to fruition.

“I am proud that we are joining forces with easyJet for the Superhero Series,” says Sophia. “It’s positive that the airline has taken such a proactive step to learning more about the many and varied disabled communities.

“easyJet’s staff will be joining the hundreds of Sidekicks as they help our Everyday Superheroes prepare and take part in the events. Our Sidekicks are crucial in helping us to make this a fantastic day out for everyone, assisting with everything from efficient marshalling and handing out medals to helping participants around the course, if requested.

“Superhero Series is the perfect place for easyJet to learn more about living and striving with disability. The airline’s staff already receive training on providing special assistance to travellers and I’m very excited that this first-hand experience will give them an even greater understanding of how to support their customers.” 

easyJet’s Customer Director, Ian Cairns, announced the airline’s partnership with the Superheroes Series while speaking at a Civil Aviation Authority conference about making travel more accessible. He said: “easyJet has a range of measures for passengers who require special assistance. We established the Special Assistance Advisory Group (ESAAG) to provide feedback and guidance on the services we provide to passengers. We are committed to continue learning and serving the disabled community better, which is why we are supporting the Superhero Sidekicks as part of Superhero Tri and npower Winter Wonderwheels and beyond. We are really excited about the partnership and are looking forward to meeting and supporting the participants and applying our experiences to ensure we serve our customers with disabilities better.”

Over 2,000 ‘Everyday Superheroes’ have already signed up for this year’s Superhero Tri, alongside a host of Paralympians and TV personalities – from the Last Leg’s Adam Hills to military heroes from the Invictus Games. This year’s celebrity line-up is more diverse than ever and includes newcomers Billy Monger, the double amputee motor-racing superstar, David Wiseman, the Military Superhero and architect of the Invictus Games, and Menna & Jen the ‘Golden Girls’ of the 2018 Winter Paralympics, bringing home Great Britain’s only gold medal.

To find out more about Superhero Series, to register for a place, or become a Sidekick or a Corporate or Charity Friend visit and @superherotri on twitter.