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The Euan’s Guide Access Survey is the UK’s largest and longest running survey of its kind and they are delighted it has a bit of help this time round, thanks to support from Motability Operations.

Since 2014, Euan’s Guide has asked questions to establish what is good and what could be improved about accessibility at the venues disabled people, their friends, families and carers visit. The survey is for anybody who has ever had to consider disabled access before going somewhere, from restaurants to theatres among many more public places. It’s perhaps more crucial than ever that they want you to take part this year.

The results will reveal not just whether disabled access has improved or not, but specifically how people are finding information on venue accessibility, which types of venue are delivering the best disabled access and what the barriers are to good accessibility.

Support from Motability Operations this year will introduce the Access Survey to a fresh audience. They’re the company behind the Motability Scheme, supporting disabled people to achieve greater independence and everyday freedom through access to affordable, worry-free mobility.

As many of the restrictions have come to an end, many disabled people remain shielding and dubious about visiting places again. But while some precautions remain in place and the world is much different than before, it is exciting to discover new places. Even re-discovering existing places shows that nothing is the same anymore and there is a need to relearn the landscapes of our towns and villages.

What people have told us before
Key findings in 2019 found that 93% of people seek information on disabled access at a particular venue before considering a visit and that 77% have found access information on a venue’s website to be misleading or inaccurate. More damning, however, is that 79% of people have experienced a disappointing trip or had to abruptly change plans because of poor accessibility.

Results also revealed that only 2% of respondents were very confident about visiting new places and that 50% of people didn’t have access to a toilet that suited their requirements when out and about. Two of the top ten requested changes were creating more accessible toilets and improving existing ones while having more Changing Places toilets.

In 2020 there was no Access Survey. Instead, Euan’s Guide asked people about the impact of COVID on accessibility and what precautions and services venues could put in place to make visits safer and easier. People told us that they were concerned about individuals not honouring or respecting social distancing and many spoke about problems caused by public toilets not being in use. Respondents were also concerned about how venues would adapt, including layouts, manoeuvring and not having access to sanitising stations at an appropriate height. We are also asking people to share their experiences of life post-lockdown in this year’s survey.

Museums and galleries were rated the most accessible venues in the previous Access Survey, with historic attractions, outdoor places and pubs generally having poor access. With a large chunk of respondents still finding information confusing on websites, it will be interesting to find out how COVID has impacted the accessibility of types of venue.

What does this Access Survey want to know?
Many disabled people remain sceptical about going out to places again and some will continue to shield. The world has changed and going about your day has become a different experience. The new Euan’s Guide Access Survey will get a wider picture of the quickly evolving times by considering accessibility as we know it but also the extra layer of complexity that COVID has put on accessibility.

This year’s Access Survey will take you about 15 minutes to complete but it will make an enormous difference to know what accessibility is truly like across the UK. With COVID still prevalent, Euan’s Guide want to know what concerns you have and what would make your visits easier and safer in the post-lockdown world. They also ask which precautions you would like to remain in place and how travelling to venues has felt recently.

The Access Survey will explore the usual questions about whether you feel there has been a change to disabled access, if you have had to change plans because of poor accessibility and how likely you are to share information about good or bad accessibility with others.

Paul Ralph, access and inclusion director, Euan’s Guide commented: “The world for many disabled people has changed as we begin to once again get out and about. Much of what we knew is different as places and spaces have coronavirus precautions in place, environments have changed and how we do day-to-day things are a new experience. It feels like we have to relearn how to navigate those old favourites we all love to visit. Hopefully, if we all share what we find as we venture out we can once again enjoy the freedom of exploring new places and rekindle the enjoyment we once had.”

Have your say
Is disabled access better or worse in the post-lockdown world? Take part today and share your experiences about disabled access in the UK at euansguide.com/access-survey.

Euan’s Guide
Euan’s Guide is the award-winning charity making it easier for disabled people to find great places to go. EuansGuide.com is the disabled access review website where disabled people, their family, friends and carers can find and share reviews on the accessibility of places around the UK and beyond. Euan’s Guide hopes to make the world more accessible one review at a time.

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