Evenbreak-LogoMore disabled people’s views need to be heard!

Evenbreak, the UK’s leading specialist job board for disabled people, announce a partnership with leading market research company Saros to encourage more disabled people to get involved in market research projects.

 Saros believe that everybody’s views matter, but all too often, products and services are designed and released to market without considering the needs of users who might have a whole different set of issues to face.

By working with  Evenbreak – the specialist not-for-profit organisation working to help disabled people find work in the UK – Saros will tap into a pool of talented and creative people they might not reach by traditional means. As well as recruiting projects where the viewpoint of disabled people is specifically required, Saros want to see more people with disabilities taking part in all of their events.

“If we recruit a focus group of 10 people, then statistically there should be at least one disabled person present – and even allowing for the vast number of hidden conditions, this does not reflect our reality” said Maya Middlemiss from Saros.

Saros have always encouraged fairness and openness in research recruitment, determined to break down the barriers that exclude people from being invited to projects and paid for their opinions.  They use a database-driven approach to avoid the structural biases of face-to-face networking, wherein you do not have a chance unless personally known to a recruiter – because the trouble with this approach is that we all tend to know people who are similar to ourselves in different ways, and inequalities get magnified.

In 2014 Saros addressed an international qualitative research conference on the benefits of involving more disabled participants, because they believed their clients were missing out – disabled people have to cope daily with a world not designed for their needs, and are amongst the most creative, resourceful and imaginative we have met, and these are qualities that researchers always value in their participants.

Jane Hatton, Founder/Director of Evenbreak said “we echo the views of Saros that more disabled people should have their say, and I am delighted to have this opportunity to help more disabled people have an influence on those creating products and services we all use in 2015”.

If you have a disability and would like to find out about research projects in your area please get in touch at https://www.sarosresearch.com/participate/join-saros-research. Your details will be kept confidential, we’ll make it easy to take part and you’ll even receive payment for your time.

About Evenbreak:

Evenbreak is run by disabled people, for disabled people. It was founded and is run by a disabled businesswoman. Evenbreak have won many awards, most recently the best newcomer in the OnRec awards 2014, a mainstream recruitment industry award. The Founder was a finalist in the Stelios Disabled Entrepreneurs Award 2008, and has personal experience of employing many disabled people and the value they bring to a business. As a disabled person herself (a degenerative spinal condition that restricts her ability to sit or walk, meaning she runs Evenbreak lying down with a laptop suspended above her) Jane knows how important staying in work is – not just for the income, but also for the self-esteem, dignity, feeling of being useful and having a purpose it brings. As a social enterprise Evenbreak is keen to promote a positive image of disabled people in employment.