Families raising disabled or seriously ill children and young people in need of financial assistance can turn to charity Family Fund, the UK’s largest provider of charitable grants.

The charity aims to provide these families with the same opportunities as able-bodied families through the provision of grants to fund essentials such as: washing machines, bedding, and computers; clothing and sensory toys for children; and family breaks to provide some much-needed relaxation.

In providing these, Family Fund hopes to ease the emotional, physical and financial struggle which families raising disabled or seriously ill children and young people may face.

Erin is just one child the charity has helped. The two-year-old has CHARGE syndrome, a genetic condition which affects her respiratory system.

Her mum said: “She’s like any other little girl really, but she has a lot of complex needs on top of that. Erin is tube fed, and was previously fed formula, which gave her the right nutrients but caused a lot of bowel issues.

“We tried a blended diet with Erin and almost instantly the issues cleared up and she was much happier. However the blender we had wouldn’t always blend smooth enough and our dietician worried that food may get stuck in Erin’s tube.

“We decided to apply to Family Fund for a Vitamix blender, which apparently ‘can blend a brick’! I was a bit nervous about applying at first, but it was totally fine, the process was very straightforward.

“We couldn’t have afforded the Vitamix ourselves as they’re really expensive so we’re so grateful to Family Fund for the support.”

The charity also provides help through their sleep hub, Tired Out, to provide tips and resources to help families get a good night’s rest, and their Digital Skills workshop helps parents learn about their apps and accessibility features on tablets and personal computers.

If you would like to apply for a grant or find out more, visit the Family Fund website at or call them on 01904 550055.

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