DSC_0569-001Dedicated Kieran Maxwell, 15, has become the first blade runner to take part in the Children’s Cancer Run to raise money for the North of England Children’s Cancer Research fund.

In 2010, Kieran was diagnosed with a rare and very aggressive bone cancer – Ewings Sarcoma. This resulted in the amputation of his left leg – through the knee. Ewing’s Sarcoma is a rare disease whereby a specific form of tumour, consisting of cancerous cells, forms in the bone or soft tissue.

Kieran, who only finished a high dose of Chemo with stem cell rescue in November 2013, took part in the Children’s Cancer Run on the 11th of May. The Children’s Cancer Run has been running since 1982, yet Kieran is the first blade runner ever to take part! Kieran, who is now in remission, was determined to raise money for the North of England Children’s Cancer Research Fund to support vital research into his illness.

Kieran completed the race whilst wearing his running blade with Custom Finish socket from Dorset Orthopaedic. Kieran, who was kindly funded for his prosthesis by SCAT Bone Cancer Trust, was delighted when he received his socket finished by the Dorset Orthopaedic team in Newcastle United’s, colours and badge!

Kieran started and took part in the event’s ‘mini run’, which begins at the final mile of the main five-mile route. Kieran’s mum Nicola comments on the event;

“Kieran was thrilled to be asked to officially start the Children’s Cancer mini run. Kieran also took part in the event himself and completed the mile route in 12 minutes – a time he was very proud to have achieved! He found the event great fun and he always enjoys taking part in sporting events, especially when he is raising money for a cause that is so important and personal to him.”

The Children’s Cancer Run is not the only impressive sporting event that Kieran has been involved in. Kieran carried the Olympic Torch in 2012, received tips on how to run on his prosthetic leg from Paralympic athletes Jonnie Peacock, Richard Whitehead and Stef Reid Lakatos, and previously won a gold medal at the

Wheelchair Acrobatics Section of the NDP British Gymnastics Acrobatic National Championships!

In addition, whilst fighting Ewings Sarcoma for the second time, Kieran completed the Mini Great North run in aid of Bone Cancer Research Trust and the 5k fun-run with Richard Whitehead in aid of Sarcoma UK and Scope. Admirably Kieran trained for the runs in between Chemotherapy appointments.

Kieran is truly inspirational and continues to have a positive outlook on life;

“Kieran enjoys keeping fit and healthy and loves that he is able to run with his blade. He enjoys the freedom that running gives him and he is hoping to compete in disability athletics so that one day he can represent his country.”

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