Podcasts are the perfect way to keep yourself occupied on a journey, while you’re cooking, or for a bit of company when you’ve got some downtime to just chill. We’ve searched around to find some of the best podcasts relating to disability, learning difficulties and mental health for you to kick back and play. Here are our recommended disability podcasts:

BBC Ouch

No list of disability podcasts is truly complete without one of the BBC’s longest-running podcasts, BBC Owch. The podcast is hosted by Simon Minty, Kate Monaghan and the Owch team, and takes an accessible approach to a multitude of topics, including sex, accessibility, and an artist who believes he’s a zombie.

The Hillarious World of Depression

John Moe’s podcast is exactly what it says on the tin: taking depression and having a laugh about it. The host brings on guests, many of whom are professional comedians, to talk about all facets of mental health, taking an irreverent and funny view of a very unfunny topic, while also providing real insight for those who may stress over their mental health.

Carousel Radio

This monthly podcast is planned and presented by Davot, Ewan, and Fran from Carousel, each of whom lives with a learning difficulty. The show won a British Podcast Award last year in the Represent category, and it’s aired live on Radio Reverb on the first Sunday of each month, but you can download it from wherever you usually get your podcasts.

The Accessible Stall

Kyle and Emily started The Accessible Stall podcast after their friends got sick of them arguing about disability-related topics in front of them, so the pair moved on to the medium of podcasts. They take a casual, accessible approach to podcasts, and each episode has a transcript, letting you break the swearing and chatting down further at a later date.

TiLT Podcast

Debbie Rebber found that the best help she received in raising her neurodivergent (or as she says, “differently wired”) son Asher came through word of mouth, so established TiLT to collate all the information she received, and help other parents of neurodivergent children to feel confident and empowered in their parenting choices. Asher regularly features in the disability podcast to give his own tips and guidance, too.

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