There’s always time to binge a brand new show on Netflix, Amazon Prime or your streaming service of choice, and as Certified Binge Watching Experts, we’ve put together a list of five shows that you definitely should be watching, even though you’re more than likely not.


Streaming: Special (Netflix)

Special’s  episodes are only 20 minutes long, so if you’re looking to binge a series but are on the clock, you can get Special finished on a Sunday afternoon with loads of time to spare. It’s based on the autobiography of creator and star Ryan O’Connell, a gay man who lives with cerebral palsy. It’s fun, wholesome, funny, and earned itself four Emmy nods, so you know it’s good.

Streaming: Speechless (E4)

Cancelled well before its time by ABC, Speechless ran for three seasons and can be binged on Channel 4’s on-demand service. The show focuses on the DiMeo family, whose eldest son JJ – played by Micha Fowler – has cerebral palsy and is non-verbal, his mother played by Mini Driver, and the rest of their loud, funny family.

Streaming: Atypical (Netflix)

The first season of this Netflix coming-of-age dramedy rated pretty poorly by autistic people for its depiction of autism and its lack of autistic actors, but creator Robia Rashid took the criticism on board for season two, which received much more positive acclaim. Now is a great time to get into the show, because it looks like season three will be making its way onto the service soon enough!

Streaming: The Sopranos (Now TV)

Remembered for many things, especially the absolutely amazing theme tune, The Sopranos was a pioneering show for its depiction of male mental health, as well as many other things. Now TV has all six seasons of the show available until this November for those who are looking for a big commitment to undertake.

Streaming: Big Mouth (Netflix)

Another Netflix coming-of-age comedy, Big Mouth focuses on everything that’s gross, hairy and hilarious about making it through the horrors of puberty. The large cast features several disabled characters, including Devon, who lives with arthritis, and Caleb, who is portrayed as living with autism.

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