A PENSIONER has accused McDonald’s of discrimination — after it banned her mobility scooter from a drive-thru.  Kate Legg, 76, stopped at a restaurant for her favourite strawberry milkshake and was told the scooter broke health and safety rules.

She said: “I didn’t think they would want a huge great buggy trundling through the restaurant and thought it would be a bit of fun to use the drive-thru.

“There was one car in front and no one behind, so I was not a nuisance to anybody.

“I went to the kiosk, made my order and the young man serving said, ‘I will serve you today and not again because of health and safety’.”

The great-grandmother — whose DVLA-registered scooter was turned away from a takeaway in Bedhampton, Hants — added: “It’s discrimination against people with disabilities. Health and safety was never created for this ridiculousness.”

A McDonald’s spokesman said: “Customers on mobility scooters cannot be served through the drive-thru lane but are welcome to bring their scooter into the restaurant where possible.”
The Sun