Have your say – see what others said about plans to change parliamentary constituencies and tell the Boundary Commission for England what you think!

The Boundary Commission for England needs your help once again as it begins the next step of its 2018 Boundary Review – the second consultation.

Parliament has asked the Commission, an independent and impartial public organisation, to review all the constituency boundaries in England, reducing the total number and making each constituency an equal size. This is a big job and the Commission can’t do it without your help.

Last year, the Commission ran a consultation asking you, the public, to look at its proposed changes and tell them what you thought – did the proposed boundaries reflect your local community? For instance, were the local places that are important to you, such as where you go to meet friends, play sports or attend clubs, in the same constituency as where you live? Nearly 20,000 responses were received – you may even have had your say.

The Commission has now started the next phase of the review and today it launched its second consultation.

This is your chance to get involved once again, but this time around it’s slightly different. The Commission has published all the responses it received in the first consultation and is asking you to look and comment on these – telling them what you do and don’t like about other people’s ideas. Again ask yourself do other people’s suggestions reflect my local community?

You have until Monday 27 March to go online and get involved. Visit www.bce2018.org.uk to view the responses from the last consultation and add your comments. You can also see the initial proposals here and see how your local area could be affected. Finally, don’t forget to follow @BCE2018 for the latest updates.

So now it’s over to you – go online to have your say and help shape the new Parliamentary constituencies in England!