Heathrow Airport has recently seen the addition of around 100 ProMove Slings throughout the airport’s terminals, courtesy of OmniServ.

The ProMove Sling allows staff to move passengers with reduced mobility with care and ease. Its design allows three or four members of staff to comfortably carry the passenger, without the need to touch them and with a reduced chance of causing injuries like bruising.

Marc Buckle, General Manager at OmniServ, said: “The ProMove Sling is a brilliant solution to the challenges of helping PRM passengers in and out of wheelchairs in a restricted space.Heathrow installs 100 new ProMove Slings

“Recently, we were able to help Mr George Mayian Musembi, who was traveling in his own wheelchair with his father on a Kenya Airlines flight. The PRM staff assisting him had recently been trained in the use of the new ProMove Sling, and it was a great opportunity to practice their new skills.”

Andy Wright, managing director of Accessible Travel and Leisure, who was present at the launch, said: “I am delighted that Heathrow Airport has now considerably increased their stock of ProMove slings in support of passengers who, like myself, require additional support when transferring from their wheelchair to airlines seating.

“The sling, which is supportive, can be fitted whilst the passenger remains seated, and involves minimal movement by the passenger in order to position correctly. Thus enabling a far safer and more dignified transfer from seat to seat, within the confines of an aircraft cabin. Air travel for many disabled passengers would be made so much easier if more airports would utilise this type of assistance aid.”