urzone_montage_smMore and more frequently parents are having to be increasingly creative in keeping their children safe from night-time wandering as stair gates are climbed and locks are undone.  If you have a child with no danger awareness, night-time wandering can have a serious impact on health and well-being not only for the individual concerned but for the family / carers, too.

The lack of sleep that accompanies supervising an individual with sleep issues can be devastating and that’s where HKD Solutions Ltd’s new product, the UrZone®, can help. The UrZone is a 6 in 1 bed / safe enclosed space designed for both children and adults to sleep safely and comfortably, preventing night-time wandering, entrapment during seizures or high night-time mobility, or injury from falling out of bed.  For those who wander at night, they are protected but also available is an option with reversible zip heads for the doors.  If they have danger awareness but have seizures at night and want to enjoy the no entrapment risk of the UrZone, they can stay safe at night and still get out of the bed whenever they choose.  There is also an option for hoist access.  The UrZone can help with individuals with autism, global developmental delay, Smith-Magenis syndrome, Angelman syndrome, Down’s syndrome, brain injury, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, sleep walking, narcolepsy, and many more.

urzone_3quarter_door_openWith the UrZone canopy splitting into 3 sections, it is easily washed and dried the same day, can be sanitised for use by multiple users in a respite or hospital setting, has LED lighting (remote-controlled from the outside) to aid personal care and to help with changing the bedsheet and fits into 1 suitcase but 2 are supplied to spread the weight for easier manual handling.  The fact it is suitable for multiple environments means it has greater value for money as only the UrZone is required rather than multiple pieces of equipment.  It travels with the user, providing them with a familiar environment to keep anxiety low.

The 6 uses of the UrZone include home, respite / travel, hospital, school, play and transition.  With the new UN Convention on the Rights of the Child recommending abolishing seclusion rooms, the UrZone is a low sensory safe environment which schools can place at the back of a classroom or in a ‘Hub’ for children whose behaviour is escalating so they have a place to go, to chill out and calm down (whilst not being secluded from their friends or lesson) and can re-join the class when ready.  As this is a child-led approach, it reduces the risk of violence to staff and injury to both staff and child.

With a user-led design, the UrZone truly is a British product that can benefit many people in multiple environments.  HKD Solutions Ltd. are able to assist with funding options for those who require it and are also currently running a free prize draw to win a single-sized UrZone in time for Christmas – both families and health professionals are welcome to enter at www.hkdsolutions.com.  For more information, please call 0131 450 7124.