Children’s TV superstar Peppa Pig has gained a brand new friend in her playgroup as Mandy Mouse, who will become a permanent fixture on the show starting in 2020.

Introduced in her very own series six episode, “Mandy Mouse,” Peppa befriends Mandy, who uses a wheelchair, is super sporty, and loves playing games with the other children in Peppa’s playgroup.

While Mandy is currently a recurring character, she will become a staple member of Peppa’s playgroup starting in series eight, which is due to air in 2020. Peppa Pig fans will be able to spend some time getting to know Mandy before then in a few series six episodes: mandy Mouse, Recorders, World Book Day, Children’s Festival and Muddy Festival.

Mandy will become the first disabled character introduced into the wildly popular British cartoon, which is shown in 180 territories around the world.

Reaction to Peppa’s new friend has been extremely positive, with many taking to Twitter to weigh in on the adorable mouse. Holly Texas said: “Love Mandy Mouse! My precious grandson Ben has someone on Peppa Pig to relate to.”

Erin agreed, saying that Mandy’s inclusion was excellent for visibility: “I don’t have children who watch Peppa Pig obviously but it’s so cool they have a wheelchair using character now! If a programme for preschoolers can do it, others definitely can.”

Danielle Wootton, head of marketing at Scope, said: “It’s brilliant to see a global phenomenon like Peppa Pig introduce a disabled character.

“Disabled children should have the chance to see themselves and their lives reflected on screen.

“More than one in five of us are disabled. While children’s TV is often a trailblazer, far too often a woeful lack of diversity persists on our screens, particularly when it comes to disability.”

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