An actress and model with Down’s syndrome has graced the runway at New York Fashion Week for the first time in history.

Jamie Brewer, 30, wore a black A-line Carrie Hammer dress for the groundbreaking moment, in a nod to her her ‘dark and bewitching’ role in TV show American Horror Story.

Ms Brewer was chosen for the show by designer Carrie Hammer as part of her “Role Models Not Runway Models” campaign.

Hammer started the initiative in 2014 because she couldn’t accept the idea of using young models with body types that didn’t reflect the people who would be wearing her designs.

Instead she invited friends and customers to wear the clothes on the catwalk.

In last year’s show, doctor and sex therapist Danielle Sheypuk took to the runway in her wheelchair.

Hammer has also invited a transgender woman, a racing car driver, a veteran and government workers to model her clothing.

Ahead of her appearance, Ms Brewer told Today: “it’s amazing, it’s really neat. Many women have many sides to their personality, this dress fits…mine,” she says. “I am honored to be in it.”

As well as her acting and modelling work, Ms Brewer is very active in the Down’s Syndrome community.

She helped abolish the use of the word “retarded” from legislation in Texas and to improve recognition of the needs of people with disabilities within the state.

Texas now uses the term “Intellectual Developmental Disability”.

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