A mum caught cruel care workers verbally abusing her autistic son by bugging his Waybuloo cuddly toy.
Christine Anne Mayor turned detective after she became concerned that some workers were spouting abusive language at her 15-year-old son, Kyle Thomas, when he repeated the offensive comments.

Now four of the care home staff at the Nantgwyn Centre in Wales have been disciplined for using inappropriate language in front of the vulnerable teenager.

On the tape, voices can be heard shouting ‘dirty boy’, as well as a series of expletives and derogatory sexual phrases. Christine, from Cynon Valley, South Wales, said her severely autistic son had been visiting the home for four years.

On average, he spent around four nights a month at the Aberdare home to give his mum a much-needed break.

But when Kyle began using abusive language, Christine decided to get the bottom of the matter.

She said: “Kyle can’t talk properly and he suffers with echolalia, which means he repeats a lot of things people say.

“I knew he was getting these words from somewhere, so I decided to take matters into my own hands.

“I bought a small recording device and put it inside the head of Kyle’s Waybuloo cuddly toy.

“When I brought it home and listened to the recording, I nearly had a heart attack.

“What I heard was completely inappropriate language and I was not happy with the tone of their voices.

“I felt that the way they spoke to him was really horrible. It could have been happening for years. I put my trust in these people and they’ve let me down.”

An investigation was launched by South Wales Police, who handed the matter to social services.

A council spokesman said: “Rhondda Cynon Taf council can confirm that it received a complaint in relation to a residential children’s facility within the county borough.

“Following receipt of this complaint, a full investigation was conducted and appropriate action concluded in line with council policy.”

Kyle now attends a different respite centre.

The four offending staff have been allowed to keep their jobs, much to Christine’s disgust. She now plans to complain to the ombudsman.

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