Laura Rutherford started a campaign a few years ago calling on supermarkets to stock their shelves with bigger nappies to accommodate older children who still need to wear them and children with additional needs.

Laura’s son Brody has global developmental delay (GDD), he is non-verbal and he can’t be toilet trained so has to wear nappies. A few years ago though Laura found herself trying to squeeze him into the largest (size 6) nappies from Tesco and knew she couldn’t rely on these for much longer.

Laura contacted Tesco and started a conversation with them and then started a wider petition calling on all supermarkets in the UK to manufacture or stock larger sized nappies, which we reported on back in 2016 – read here.

We are delighted to hear that Laura has won her fight and Tesco are now stocking Junior Nappies on their shelves. They have worked with Laura on the development of these nappies and created a video to raise awareness of them to families who need them:

The petition is still running and you can show your support here to encourage other supermarkets to follow suit.

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