CaptureI published a book so others can walk this road with me. . .

Disability charity Scope have shared through social media a story of mum, Rachel, who has a son with severe cerebral palsy. Rachel writes a blog and has now published a book called “The Skies I’m Under”, aimed at helping parents who have children with disabilities. Rachel looks at both finding out about her son’s disabilities and how her family overcame their difficulties and moved forward.

Finding out your child has a disability can be very hard and stressful for parents to cope with and move on from, this book provides an outlook of Rachel’s personal experiences, which may be able to help parents of children with disabilities facing similar situations and future generations of parents.

Rachel is doing a Q&A on Scope’s community this week. Rachel is available to answer any questions you may have and to tell you a little bit more about her new book. Here Rachel will talk about her experiences at the time of diagnosis.

Find out more about Rachel’s book and how to access her Q&A here!