The 8mph vehicles kitted out to look like Land Rovers, Jeeps and are even appearing in new Robbie Williams video. 

They are normally used by the elderly and disabled to help them get from A to B. But a company in North Tyneside has started ‘pimping’ out mobility scooters to look like Jeeps, Land Rovers and even Harley Davidsons.

Despite reaching maximum speeds of just eight miles per hour, the disability vehicles have been snapped up by singer Robbie Williams and appear in his latest music video with rapper Dizzee Rascal.

The scooters are designed and made by Andrew Wylie, 40, at his workshop in Whitley Bay, North Tyneside.

Mr Wylie said: ‘I used to drive a taxi for disabled children and that’s what gave me the idea.

‘We decided there wasn’t enough being done for kids so this is what we came up with, but now we
customise scooters for everyone.

‘No-one wants to feel disabled and this way they don’t have to.’

The company recently took an order from the pop stars for eight of the vehicles to appear in the music video for their latest single ‘Going Crazy’.

Mr Wylie is helped out at the Travel Ability UK workshop by his semi-retired father, Rick, 63.

Together, they produce customised scooters which can range from having an extra seat, bigger wheels or even a whole new look.

They also provide wheelchairs, walking sticks and regular mobility scooters.

The prices range from 50p for a walking stick to £6,000 for the Harley Davidson imported from Taiwan.

Rick said: ‘The prices vary so much – it’s like asking how long is a piece of string.

‘We put so many hours into all our scooters, especially the novelty ones. We could never put a price on one when we start out.

‘There’s laws around the mobility scooters and we have to make sure everything we do is legal.

‘We can’t leave someone with a leg sticking out and have it hit someone in the street. Then we’d have a lawsuit on our hands.’

The pair also talked about their brand new project.

Mr Wylie said: ‘We’ve got something big coming up but it’s top secret at the moment. We can’t give away our trade secrets.

‘We’ve also been asked to make a Vespa-style mobility scooter by one customer. At the minute we’re getting all the pictures and designs together so we can start building it.

‘We start from the bottom with the wheels and build up from there.’

The company has donated one of the scooters used by Robbie Williams and Dizzee Rascal to be raffled off for cancer charities.

The raffle will be organised by their friend Gav Gould who’s wife died of breast cancer in 2008 and has since raised more than £10,000 for charity.

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