Focus Games Ltd and Equal Equality are delighted to introduce a brand new educational board game to help organisations recognise the barriers faced by disabled people and understand how to remove them.

Disability issues are overlooked when organisations simply don’t realise that barriers exist. Training is vital to raise awareness and improve understanding, particularly with regards to putting theory into practice. The Removing Barriers Game provides the knowledge and confidence that service-providers need to make themselves accessible to all service-users.

The Removing Barriers Game was first developed by Toyah Wordsworth, who provides Disability Equality Training through her company Equal Equality. Toyah used her personal experience of disability to create the game to engage people in discussions about disability. The original game was so successful and effective that Toyah asked Focus Games Ltd to make it available to all service providers.

Colin Findlay, Direction & Founder, Doncaster Inclusive Centre of Excellence, said: 

“It gives people the opportunity to play something that’s fun and interactive, but also sends out a very important message about disability and removing barriers to participation. It gives people an opportunity to discuss and debate a number of issues that disabled people face on a regular bases.”

The Removing Barriers Game encourages players and organisations to become “Disability Confident,” and also encourages organisations to become an employer of choice for disabled people. It is suitable for any organisation providing a service in any sector, including:

  • Health & Social Care
  • Education
  • Transport
  • Leisure Facilities
  • Retail, hospitality & banking.

The Removing Barriers Game brings a serious subject to life in a fun and informative way. It enables face-to-face discussions about barriers to inclusion, stimulated by scenarios presented in the game.

The game is simple to understand and very flexible – it can be used in structured learning programmes, or informally in the workplace. You won’t always need a specialist facilitator to run the game session because everything you need is in the box!

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