New research released reveals clear demand for more physical activities that are accessible for amputees and people with limb impairments. The findings published in a new report from LimbPower aim to give providers more information and support on this specific target audience. LimbPower hopes it will help others and ourselves to plan and deliver more appealing and suitable activities for people with limb impairments.

Man, who is is a leg amputee, playing football with children

The national charity, LimbPower, conducted a survey into amputees and people with limb impairments participation in sport and physical activity. The report highlights some key findings about current trends and latent demand.

They include:

  • Nearly 8 in 10 people surveyed (78 per cent) have taken part in some form of exercise, physical activity or sport in the last 12 months.
  • The most popular current sports and activities are swimming, walking, cycling, going to the gym and fitness classes.
  • Over 8 in 10 people surveyed (83 per cent) would like to take part in more sport and physical activity in the future.

The report also provides key insights into people’s attitudes on being active and their motivations for and barriers to taking part in physical activity and sport.

Enjoyment, to keep fit and be healthy were the most common motivations for taking part. LimbPower is encouraged by these findings as their work supports people to take part in sport and be active more regularly. Keeping fit and healthy can have a positive impact on the physical, mental and social wellbeing of amputees and people with limb impairments.

The two most common barriers to taking part in sport and physical activity were identified as prosthetic limitations and poor socket fit and comfort. This insight indicates that wearing a prosthesis can have a significant impact on a person’s engagement and participation in activity.

Kiera Roche, Chief Executive Officer of LimbPower, said:

“Overall these survey results reinforce the importance of our work in promoting physical activity and sport to individuals with limb loss. The results provide LimbPower with a clearer understanding about people’s attitudes when considering an active lifestyle. LimbPower will use this invaluable insight to adapt our events and programmes to deliver the type of activities that individuals with amputations and limb impairments want to take part in.

“We will also use this insight to work with and advise key providers on how they can deliver more appealing and suitable opportunities.”

LimbPower is the National Disability Sports Organisation for people with limb impairments. With support from Sport England, they aim to engage and encourage amputees and people with limb impairments of all ages to take part in regular sport and physical activity. LimbPower events and programmes are designed to provide a safe, friendly and supportive environment for amputees and people with limb impairments to find a sport or leisure activity they enjoy.

LimbPower will use the results from this survey to produce a separate report examining in detail the impact of using prosthetics to be active.

LimbPower Amputee Sport and Physical Activity Survey 2016 report is available in accessible PDF format. Click here to download the full report.

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