_87127800_de14The big day is fast approaching, and we hope everyone is set for having a wonderful Christmas with lots of festive fun. Here at PosAbility Magazine, we love to share amazing stories of people who go the extra mile, even if that means just putting a smile on someone else’s face.

We have come across a story about the amazing Santa at the Cleveland Shopping Centre, Middlesbrough.

The little girl pictured above is Mali Phoenix Williams-Cody, aged 3, who has visited the Cleveland Centre’s special event days several times. Earlier this month she did what most children love to do at Christmas, a trip to see Santa and tell the tale of their Christmas wishes.

For Mali this task is a bit more difficult for her to perform, Mali is not deaf but she struggles to communicate with speech and language. She has been attending a special school to help with her communication and this is were she learned sign language.

The video below captures the incredibly touching moment when Santa realises Mali is a special little girl, who would need a little help communicating with him. Santa asked Mali’s mum if she could sign and touched hearts all over the world when he sprung in to action signing to Mali if she wanted a doll for Christmas. Her reaction is priceless and touched and has touched not only those who witnessed it live, but also those watching this video.

Watch the video below of this special moment, filmed at the Cleveland Centre Middlesbrough. This story highlights the special work Santa’s across the world do to make Christmas memories for children of all abilities. Find out more about this incredible Santa on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/clevelandcen…