Tesco-Logo-SourceTesco will donate the profits from an increase in ice sales due to the ice bucket challenge to the Motor Neurone Disease Association, it was announced today.

The donation currently stands at £20,000 – an amount which is expected to increase after further ice sales over the weekend.

Tesco saw sales of over 36 million individual ice cubes over the last week alone – a significant increase on the number that would be sold in a normal week. More ice has gone into stores this week to make sure Tesco can meet the demand.

Greg Sage, community director for Tesco said:

“The ice bucket challenge has done an amazing job of raising awareness of motor neurone disease – an incredible number of people all over the world have taken part, including a huge number of Tesco colleagues.

“We’ve seen a big increase in sales of bags of ice as a direct result of this phenomenon, and we want the Motor Neurone Disease Association to be the ones to benefit. That’s why today we’ve pledged to donate the extra profits we make to them, and we nominate Sainsbury’s, Asda and Morrisons to do the same!”