For many, the concept of having to move home becomes all too real when the stairs become difficult to manage or not an option at all.

Too many people with disabilities are confined to the ground floor, sleeping in the living room, or are forced to moving to a bungalow or a flat with lift facilities. But not everyone has the ability to live downstairs due to insufficient toilet facilities or not enough room to fit a bed. And the cost of moving is usually over and above what is feasible, not to mention inconvenient and an unwelcome change.

Adapting your home to make getting in and around easier may not be the first thought that comes to mind in such circumstances. But today there are many solutions available to not only make staying in your home a realistic option, but a desirable one. With products ranging from stairlifts and compact homelifts for those struggling with the stairs, to steplifts and fully enclosed wheelchair lifts for wheelchair users, Stannah provides a number of solutions to help improve life at home.

Not only are these lifts practical, enabling access to all areas of your home, they can also add a real sense of luxury. Take the Salise compact lift and the Stratum wheelchair lifts from Stannah, both are self-supporting and don’t require any major structural alterations to be installed. This means they can be fitted practically anywhere in your home, often in just a matter of days.

Another added benefit is that almost every aspect can be fully customised to suit your décor, whether it be the lighting, type of glass, colour of the cabin or the type of flooring. With these products becoming ever more popular, it is no wonder there has been a surge in demand for homelifts in recent high specification developments and smart home refurbishments.

Patrick Stannah, managing director of Stannah, said:

“Homeowners are increasingly considering the convenience of a homelift because of the practical as well as aesthetic benefits they offer.”

“They represent the ultimate lifestyle statement, giving people the chance to transform their life as well as their home, without having to suffer major building or structural works.”

With so many home adaptations readily available, more people will have the opportunity to stay in and enjoy the home they love, changing it to suit their needs, rather than struggling with restricted access, or having the stress of moving elsewhere.

A homelift or stairlift offers peace of mind as well as comfortable living. And with less time spent worrying about changing your living arrangements, more energy can be spent on enjoying the things that matter in life, all from the comfort of your current home.

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