A DISABLED teenager was housebound for four days after louts stole his wheelchair and smashed it up.

Schoolboy Shane Dundon, 16, who has cerebral palsy, left the device on his doorstep as usual — and came out to find it gone.

The family had been enjoying the X Factor together on Sunday and only discovered the wheelchair had been stolen when the show ended.

Mum Teresa told how busy Shane leaves the chair outside until it is time to lock up.

She said her son likes “to come and go like any other teenager” and their Limerick home is not wheelchair accessible. She added: “He is out all the time and likes to keep a busy schedule.”

Shane’s older sister Nicole immediately got on Facebook to appeal for the chair’s return.

Teresa said: “She got a reply back straightaway that these lads had been seen stopping traffic with it. Apparently they thought it was very funny. They had plenty of time to give it back because they knew Shane was looking for it.

“But they chose to bust it up instead. These lads would be in their early teens and a couple as young as 12.”

The mangled wheelchair was found in pieces in the city’s notorious Moyross district the next day.

Brave Shane has now been lent one by St Gabriel’s School and hopes to have a replacement in the coming days.

But mum Teresa wants to be able to bring it into the house.

She said the council had promised her when they moved in three years ago that it would take no longer than six months to provide a ramp for Shane to come and go.

Teresa was advised to make a grant application in writing this year. But she received a reply in May claiming that the high number of applicants for disabled persons grants meant the work could not be done this year.

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