By Andy Craddock 

Where to start, that’s a question?

As life gets shorter and seasons come and go, your life seems to slow down, but everything seems faster, and disappears in the blink of an eye.

People say what is disability? Or I have a disability or yeah, I can’t do that I have a disability.

Poppycock! Someone told me that regardless of disability, whatever condition or aliment or allergy, there is something for everyone to try or succeed at or enjoy.

Yes, there are barriers but if we put our mind to it or speak to someone, who? You ask to believe it or not there are people out there; you just need to be a pest and find them, contact them and say I need support.

I myself have concluded that with regards to my disability, the worst thing someone can say is NO!

You just must be obstinate; you can do whatever you put your mind to.

Hence why I have now started my own Wheelchair basketball club. I believe by engaging with everyone disability or non-disability, making communities more aware of disability we can challenge these barriers and achieve some sort of success for all.

Alright you say not everyone wants to be active, that’s fine and we are not asking everyone to climb a mountain or become a paralympian, everyone has their own goals from getting out of bed in the morning to learning to adjust their lifestyle to suit their needs.

One thing is sure if you push your limits and drive yourself, then you can make things happen, maybe not massively at first and maybe not as quickly as you would like but one thing is for sure we all can change this world in some way, we must learn to do it together.

So, for me propelling myself in a sports wheelchair in the Birmingham half marathon for the second time, and promoting disability sport and my cause Wheelchair aboard for the Motivation charitable trust, sending wheelchairs to countries less developed than us and helping disability there, gives me a sense of pride and achievement, but also proves that even with a disability whatever I put my mind too I can still achieve.

Therefore, when I think about disability, and yes everyone is different, and thank God because life would be boring, let’s face it who wants to be the same anyway.

So, when I think about disability and look at disability, I don’t look at what you can’t achieve but what can you achieve, how can I inspire you to achieve and how can I help you believe for you to achieve.

Therefore, working and supporting people with disability and making people aware of disability inspires me to push not only myself but them as well, because together we can achieve so much.

Inspire, believe and achieve.

By Andy Craddock, Head Coach, City of Birmingham wheelchair basketball

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