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Conservative disability activist Graeme Ellis was so enraged by last Wednesday’s budget that he immediately sabotaged the Conservative Disability Group website he ran, and resigned from the party. Now, he’s joining the Labour party.

“Graeme Ellis is a 59 year old disability rights adviser from Lancaster, who has used a wheelchair for the past seven years because of diabetes-related nerve damage.

“Ellis came to the sudden realisation that it was simply no longer possible to be disabled and a Conservative supporter when he heard that disability benefits were to be cut just as tax breaks were being given to high earners – the same issue that Iain Duncan Smith said motivated his resignation as work and pensions secretary.

“A lifelong Conservative voter, Ellis has been an active member of the Conservative Disability Group for the past four years, responsible for its website. Immediately after the budget, he vented his fury by destroying the group’s online presence, removing all its content and replacing the home page with a curt note stating: “This website is temporarily closed owing to disability cuts … Graeme Ellis has resigned and will no longer develop or host this site.”

“His protest had an unexpectedly powerful impact, attracting headlines, and manifesting the sense that this was a cut too far, even for Conservative activists.

“Ellis is now planning to join the Labour party, and will meet with shadow minister for disabled people, Debbie Abrahams, this week, to discuss how he might advise the party on disability policy.”

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Graeme Ellis is also now in the process of developing his own website, – The voice for UK Disabled Citizens. The site aims to be the voice of those with disabilities, where you will be able to share your own thoughts and opinions, the site will be developed by Ellis over the next few weeks.