Stop_saying_the_disabledThis last week has brought to my attention that there are many journalists currently reporting on the Budget and the ‘u-turn’ on the cuts to the Personal Independence Payment (PIP), and while many of them are articulate enough to use the correct language when talking about disabled people – I am sad to say that many are not.

I have consistently heard journalists using the phrase ‘the disabled’ in both radio news slots and on TV – and this spans broadcasting channels, including the BBC and ITV.

As a journalist and as a broadcasting channel you have a responsibility to use the correct language for a specific subject to ensure you are being respectful and sensitive. Using outdated and, quite frankly, offensive phrases like ‘the disabled’ is unacceptable in this day and age.

Would it be acceptable to group together people of one ethnicity or religion? No, this would be classed as racism or sectarianism! So why would anyone believe that it is ok to use this language to describe disabled people?

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ros_tullochBy Rosalind Tulloch

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