2000px-Handicapped_Accessible_signSo, here we go again.

Wednesday’s budget brought to light that more cuts were on the horizon for disabled people. An estimated £1.3bn is going to be cut, affecting about 640,000 people across the country.

The Guardian has reported that 200,000 people will be removed from the Personal Independence Payments (PIP) system altogether and further 400,000 will have their benefits cut from the enhanced rate of £82 per week to the standard rate of £55. To put that into perspective that calculates to losing £1400 per year.

This has sparked anger and a huge amount of worry and many disabled people have voiced their opinions. Alex Brooker, co-presenter of the Last Leg, has called for Iain Duncan Smith to try to live of £73 per week to see how he copes. Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson has made an emotive plea to urge them to consider the implications of the affects of the cuts of the mental health of disabled people. The list goes on.

We want to know your thoughts on this, how will you be affected?

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ros_tullochBy Rosalind Tulloch

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