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Coloplast are a globally-renowned company that cater for people with intimate healthcare needs. They develop products and services that help make life easier for anyone requiring ostomy care, continence care, wound and skin care, or intervention urology.

They produce an innovative range of products to aid people who live with bladder and bowel problems. It may sound like a daunting and near impossible task for anyone who requires a catheter to relieve themselves manage their bladder, however, we recently spoke to Tracey Murphy, Coloplast senior specialist nurse to find out more about the impact self-catheterisation can have on people’s lives, and she enlightened us on how easy this process can be and how life-changing it can be.

There are many reasons that a person may need to use a catheter, which include, spinal cord injury, MS, or damage to the bladder or bowel. The problem with indwelling catheters is that they are quite restrictive on a person’s freedom and independence. Standard Indwelling catheters are permanent fixtures that serve a very important purpose but mean the user must use a bag to collect the urine in throughout the day and night. This method, while it serves an important purpose, is often not the only option, but few people realise that there are other choices out there.

The concept of self-catheterisation is not a new idea, however, many people are still not aware of the benefits of this practice. When speaking with Tracey, it became immediately clear how passionate the team at Coloplast were about raising awareness of, not only the ease of self-catheterising, but also the life-changing impact it can have on a person’s confidence and mental health.

Tracey highlighted how important it was to educate health professionals as well as patients to the benefits that self-catheterisation can have for most people. For young people in their teens who are living with a catheter and bag, which is usually strapped to their leg, this can adversely affect their mental health and confidence to enjoy the same experiences as their peers. Living with a catheter and bag can put young people off sleepovers, swimming activities, holidays with friends, and much more. If a person is a candidate for self-catheterisation, this can transform their life and give them back some real independence in their intimate healthcare needs.

Coloplast have developed an incredible range of self-catheterisation products to suit any user. These products allow users to visit the bathroom and self-catheterise throughout the day in any venue or situation, without having a catheter inserted on a permanent basis.

Coloplast self-catheterisation

SpeediCath Compact Eve

The main concern over self-catheterisation is the ability to be able to insert the catheter on their own and the risk of infection. However, Coloplast have prioritised infection control, ease-of-use and discreet packaging throughout their range of products, and their team of specialist nurses are there to support customers to ensure every user can self-catheterise properly, safely and confidently. They even have a catheter that is designed to look at home in any make-up bag, SpeediCath Compact Eve is designed with a triangular shape to offer secure grip and easy handling, but it has also been designed to be very discreet and would be easily mistaken for a lip gloss or mascara. And the new SpeediCath Flex Set which is a dry sleeved catheter with drainage bag attached for gentle, easy and hygienic catheterisation – home or away.

Coloplast self-catheterisation

SpeediCath Flex Set

Coloplast know the difference using self-catheterisation can have on people’s daily lives, and they are passionate about raising awareness of this. To find out more about the products and services they offer, please visit Coloplast

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