This is the first heart-warming snap of Britain’s smallest girl enjoying one of her biggest days – going to school for the first time.

Five-year-old Charlotte Garside is just 2ft 2ins tall (68cm) and weighs less than nine pounds (4kgs).

Only slightly larger than an average baby, new friends towered over her as she went into class and played in a sandpit.

Mum Emma Newman and dad Scott Garside had to get her uniform specially made so she could attend Easington Primary School near Hull, East Yorks.

Emma, 30, said: said: “Charlotte is not the sort of person who fades into the background.

“She may be small but she has a massive personality and wants to do everything a normal five-year-old does.”

Most girls her age are about 3ft 4ins (100cm) and weigh 40 pounds (18kgs)

Charlotte has three normal-sized sisters — Chloe, 15, Sabrina, 12, and Sophie, eight — and is the same size as her favourite teddy.

She suffers from such a rare form of dwarfism that doctors have not got a name for it. She also has a weak immune system and her mental and physical development have been affected.

Emma added: “She is very inquisitive. The school told us she has a learning age of three, which is higher than we thought.”

The world’s smallest woman is Jyoti Amge, 18, from Nagpur, India — just 2ft 0.7in. She has already appeared in a Bollywood movie and told The Sun: “I want to be an actress in Hollywood.”