11043446_1115557375136984_4537713652773711550_oMy friend Jennifer has a huge passion for fashion, and after being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, she had an ileostomy last year.

Whilst she may have lost a part of her intestines she was not willing to lose her style and began to run a fashion blog, dedicated to fantastic tips on how to style your outfit around an ostomy bag, and finding comfy yet stylish clothes.

Sadly, Jennifer lost her brother Duncan to oesophogal cancer last month, a mere year after he had been diagnosed.

34-year-old Duncan’s lifetime wish was to design his own clothing line, which his lovable sister is now determined to make come true in his memory.


Jennifer has decided to start her own clothing line after being inspired by both her blog and her brother. CrohnieClothing will feature 10-15 key pieces each season, with customizable options like lace over neck lines and longer hems to hide scars, as well as bamboo cotton for those with skin conditions, and importantly; the item that inspired it all, elasticated waistbands for ostomies.

The menswear line will be named after Duncan’s dream brand idea, Lucky Coin, and any profits made will be into a fund in Duncan’s name to encourage endoscopy’s for an early diagnosis.

You can visit Jennifer’s gofundme page to make a contribution, or to hear more about her and Duncan’s stories, and for some top fashion styling tips visit the CrohnieClothing blog.

Photo on 24-09-2015 at 14.23By Dionne Kennedy

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