Nathalie McGloin is the only female tetraplegic racing driver competing against non-disabled drivers at a professional level and she is using her prominence to advocate for better access for disabled drivers to get involved in motorsports.

As the President of the international FIA Disability and Accessibility Commission, she has called for fundamental, widespread changes to be made within the world of motor racing, to make the sport more inclusive and accessible for disabled people.

She wants to see opportunities for disabled people to get involved increased through more accessible competition licence application processes, as well as improving the attendance experience for spectators, officials, volunteers and drivers at race circuits globally.

As part of her ambitious plans, McGloin has outlined an ‘Accessible Podiums’ campaign, which asks venues to invest in infrastructure and services to allow competitors, spectators and support staff who have physical impairments or mobility limitations to attend events and navigate venues safely, without facing hazards or accessibility issues. In addition, she is demanding considerable enhancements in seating and parking facilities, as well as online information resources.

The aim would be to make all Formula 1, GP and Formula E circuits certified with FIA Disabled Access Status by the end of 2019.

McGloin commented: “Working with the FIA, I am passionate about making motorsports for everyone. With these campaigns, I’m recommending step-changes in the way venues accommodate and cater for disabled people, whether they are drivers, members of the audience or personnel at the race tracks. I look forward to seeing significant progress in accessibility over the coming months, and thank the entire FIA organisation for its support in helping to shape the future of motorsport.”

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