Not content with simply designing a fantastic and ultra-accessible controller, Microsoft have completely overhauled the packaging for their Xbox Adaptive Controller to make it easy for people with limited mobility to open.

Announced in May of this year, the Adaptive Controller is designed to be used with their Xbox ONE and Windows 10, and can be adapted in hundreds of ways to suit gamers who may find it difficult to use the standard Xbox controller.

The packaging for the Adaptive Controller was designed with a “no teeth principle” – referring to customers often having to resort to using their teeth to tear packages open, which can be extremely damaging.

Instead, the box is completely safe and simple to open, designed with rounded edges and eliminating anything that could cause cuts, which includes twist ties and zip-chords.

The delivery box uses loops and hinges, which “unzip” the box in lieu of tape, which would require a sharp object to cut through.

“The packaging had to enable gamers with limited dexterity, who might be using just one hand or arm, to easily open the box and remove the controller, and it had to be as high-quality and aesthetically appealing as any other Xbox box,” said Microsoft.

The controller’s box itself will feature a double sided sticker which uncovers a ribbon, and easily allows the user to lift the box open. The same principle is used inside the box – the controller slides out easily, which means the user won’t have to prize it out of the box or tip it upside down.


“It was through continued engagement with the disability community and research groups that we grew our understanding of what accessible packaging could include,” Microsoft said.

“Every time we approach packaging in a new way, we strive to learn as much as we can and leverage those insights across all our work. The Xbox Adaptive Controller required us to think in depth about accessibility in packaging, and we believe it is a powerful milestone on our accessibility journey.”

The Xbox Adaptive Controller will go on sale in September of this year.


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