Laura Rutherford and three year old Brody

Laura Rutherford and three year old Brody

A mum from Falkirk, has launched a campaign urging a leading supermarket Tesco to stock larger nappies for children with additional support needs. Laura Rutherford’s three-year-old son Brody has a condition which means he is not yet toilet trained. He is currently wearing the largest size of nappies on sale, a size six, which he will soon grow out of. Brody has global development delay, hypotonia, hyper-mobility and epilepsy, meaning his toilet training amongst other tasks are hindered.

Posting on Tesco’s Facebook page, Laura, 29, said there was a “huge gap in the market” for affordable larger nappies, as those sold online are “hugely overpriced”.

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Laura, from Bonnybridge, Falkirk, wrote to Tesco: “I wondered if you would pretty please consider doing a larger size of your nappies (beyond 6+) for children with additional support needs (ASN) or bigger children who are later to potty train.

“My son is nearly four and is disabled. He currently wears your 6+ nappies, which are great, but they are getting too small.

“When you’ve got a child with additional support needs they, at some stage, get referred to a continence service and receive nappies; however, there is often a huge wait to receive this service and once you do, you receive a limited amount of nappies.

“Nappies that you can buy online, and largely not in supermarkets, aimed at children with continence issues are hugely overpriced, much like many products in ASN market.

“There are a lot of us out there with this problem and a huge gap in the market. Every little helps.”

Tesco’s initial response suggested the mum tired her son on pull ups, costing £5 and aimed at children have bladder control and are potty training. These products are not only not designed for children with additional needs, but are also are expensive to buy.  This Laura pointed out in a response Tesco, and also how she would prefer their own supermarket brand to stock larger nappy products instead. Tesco has now stated their “senior teams” will look into her suggestion.

Laura’s post received a large amount of support online with over 700 likes and over 100 comments on the Facebook post from fellow parents struggling to find affordable nappies for their children. There are currently brands such as Libero who stock such products online, but can cost around £7.35 for a packet of 21. While Tesco have stated that they take on board customer feedback on the products they would like to see in store, there are no immediate plans to stock larger nappy sizes. Let’s get behind Laura and fellow parents to address this issue and ensure larger nappy sizes are within future supermarket ranges.

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