Special Edition Films have been commissioned by BBC3 to make a documentary on ‘Disability, Pregnancy and Parenthood’. They aim to highlight how pregnancy and parenthood are affected by disability and the trials and challenges that disabled parents face. They are currently looking for young pregnant women who have a disability, to be included in the documentary.

They are looking for women aged between16-28 years who have a disability and who are pregnant at the moment, ideally giving birth in either December, January or February, although any stage of the pregnancy would be suitable.

Special Edition Films have produced a number of sensitive medical based documentaries on subjects including organ donation (Heart Hospital – ITV1), cystic fibrosis (Love On The Transplant List – BBC3) and treacher-collins syndrome (Love Me, Love My Face – BBC3). Naturally, this subject will be conducted with the same respect and sensitivity.

If this is something you are interested in please contact Thomas Sugdon on 0208 960 1446, email thomas@specialeditionfilms.com or visit www.specialeditionfilms.com to view their previous work.