Police are hunting a reckless vandal who cut the brakes on a disabled man’s mobility scooter.  Graham Parkinson, 36, who broke his back in a go-karting accident in 2009, was shocked to discover the brake cables on his disability vehicle had been severed – putting his safety and that of other pedestrians at risk.  Mr Parkinson, who has extremely limited mobility, said he has previously been plagued by yobs ringing his buzzer late at night and fears the same culprits are to blame.  Mr Parkinson of Willesborough, Kent, claimed the latest incident had left him feeling physically sick.
He said: ‘I went to use my scooter when I realised the brake lines had been cut.

I leave my scooter outside my front door but the door to get into the building is always locked.

The thought that somebody would cut the brake lines on my scooter in order to cause me real harm makes me feel sick.

Kent Police say they are investigating the incident which happened on Monday.

Mail Online