If Santa is struggling for stocking fillers or bigger items to put under the tree for your little ones this year, look no further! We have compiled a list of wonderful toys and gifts that will have your cheeky little elves beaming from ear to ear on Christmas morning. 

We have tried to find the most affordable options as we all know Christmas is an expensive time of year.  The ‘four gift rule’ is a great way of ensuring you don’t get too carried away this year –  buy your child something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read. Christmas is not just about presents, it’s about spending time together as a family and making some magical memories, so make sure you escape the chaos and take time out to relax and enjoy your little ones while they are still little! 


Nickelodeon Slime
Kids love slime! And this is the most glossy, glam slime around! It comes in a range of metallic colours and is a whole lot of stretchy, sparkly fun. A great sensory experience that kids of all ages and abilities love.

Price – £5


Chuckle Ball

A laugh a minute for your toddlers, this laughing ball makes silly sounds and bounces along on its own keeping your little elves amused this Christmas as they try to catch it. Great for developing motor skills and keeping everyone giggling and happy over the crazy festive period.

Price – £10 (hurry half price offer!)



Treehouse Genies books
This lovely series of stories celebrates difference in all its forms and helps children to understand what it means to be a little different and teaches kindness and inclusiveness at its heart.

Price – £9.95



Toy Like Me
The #toylikeme revolution took off a few years ago and now more and more toy manufacturers have taken notice. The Toy Like Me website highlights where you can buy readymade toys that have the same impairment as your child ie. dolls with hearing aids and LEGO figurines using wheelchairs. They also point you in the direction of websites that can create bespoke toy designs that your little ones will love.

Prices vary


MERU Switch Adapted Toys
Some children can’t operate standard switches on high street toys, but the engineers at MERU can adapt toys to allow children to operate them via a larger and more accessible switch, ensuring no child misses out on the fun or learning that comes from cause and effect toys.

We are actually running a great competition with MERU for you to win a set of switch adapted toys in time for Christmas which you can enter hereHurry as closing date is Sunday 16 Dec!


Bubble Machine
Bubbles are the best. Kids are never happier than when they are surrounded by an influx of magical bubbles that they can chase and pop or simply sit back mesmerised by their floating beauty.

Price – £13.99


Waltzer Car
This electric ride on car is just like a waltzer car from the carnival. It is battery operated and once your little one is strapped in safely they can use the joysticks to zoom off or spin on the spot. It comes with a parental remote control, has flashing lights on the side and can be used both indoors and outdoors. A great Christmas present idea for adventurous little elves!

Prices from £119.96 (hurry 40% off original price)


Octopus Bath Toys

These fun bath time toys are great for playing in the bath with your little ones. Squirt water through the holes in the top and make a splash with these underwater friends that come in a variety of colours.

Prices from £6



LED Fibre Optic Wand

Durable and easy to hold, this colour changing LED light wand will keep kids fascinated by the changing colours. It has six modes that speed up or slow down the colour change, great fun for kids to use in the dark when they are getting up to mischief at bedtime!

Price – £1.75


Scented Crystal Balls
Smelly and squishy, these sensory balls are brightly coloured and have a lovely sparkle to them. Each ball has a bell in it which jingles when it is thrown, rolled and played with. Great fun for cheeky little explorers to play with.

Prices from £8



We hope you all have a merry Christmas, that your little ones revel in the magic of this time of year and that mum and dad get to relax with a glass of mulled wine once everyone is in bed!

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