Revitalise have praised Airbnb on the launch of their new accessibility search filters, which allow disabled users to choose accommodation which will suit their needs.

After acquiring accessible accommodation platform Accomable last year, Airbnb has revealed 21 new filters which will be available for users and allow them to better tailor the experience they require from their accommodation. The filters include allowing users to search for accommodation with wide doorways, hoists, and lift access.

Revitalise CEO Chris Simmonds praised the company, saying:

“Revitalise wholeheartedly welcomes the move from Airbnb to launch a new range of accessible search filters. As the largest provider of respite holidays for disabled people in the UK, we know the impact a holiday has on our guests. Too many disabled people go without a holiday because they simply can’t find anywhere that can provide what they need.

“Holidays are vitally important to everyone, to our relationships with those close to us, to our lust for life, and to our ability to cope with our daily challenges. It is heartwarming to see a huge international holiday brand like Airbnb grappling with how to make them more accessible for disabled people.”

The sentiment is echoed by Srin Madipalli, Accessibility Product and Program Manager at Airbnb:

“As a disabled person and passionate traveller, I am hugely excited by the changes we’re making at Airbnb. With these new filters, we are making it easier for everyone to share their adapted homes with disabled travellers around the world.

“Our mission is to enable anyone to belong anywhere, regardless of disability. The introduction of the new accessibility features and filters to all hosts and guests is just the first stage in our journey to improve accessibility at Airbnb. We encourage everyone to use them and send through their feedback.”

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