The eyes of the world have been on Rio de Janeiro over the past few days as the 2016 Olympic Games plays out, and while the athletes to have garnered so much recent attention will soon be returning home, the Brazilian city will be preparing to welcome many more sporting champions. On 7 September, the Paralympic Games will begin and the watching world will get to see courageous athletes who have had to battle against adversity being rewarded for their determination and sporting prowess.

Some 4,350 athletes from more than 170 countries are due to take part and it is expected that a total of 25million spectators will attend the 2016 Paralympics. Many media organisations are doing their bit, too; the event will be shown in more than 70 nations. However, we will await to see just how much coverage is shown of the events following recent cuts to broadcasting plans.

Below is an infographic created by Victoria Abbott-Fleming from Burning Nights ( it gives some great info, as well as some background to the history of the Games.

Paralympic Games - IG