downloadRNIB Comment on the Marrakesh Treaty reaching 20 ratifications, the number needed for it to enter into force

Dan Pescod, RNIB Campaigns Manager, said:

“Being able to access books is vital for education, employment and for the pure pleasure of reading, and sight loss should not be a barrier.

“It is fantastic news that Canada’s ratification means the Marrakesh Treaty will come into force on 30 September 2016. This Treaty should allow for thousands more accessible books to be available to blind and partially sighted people, both in the UK and elsewhere.

“RNIB has played a leading role in the campaign by the World Blind Union (WBU) for the Treaty. We support WBU’s call for every single country to ratify the treaty. In that way we can help end the ‘book famine’ in which only some 7 per cent of books published are ever made available in accessible formats in richer countries, and less than 1 per cent in poorer countries.

“RNIB will continue to urge the UK to ratify the Treaty, whether within or outside the EU.”

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