Nicky Ashwell UK's first bebionic small hand user Photo: ©Zute Lightfoot

Nicky Ashwell UK’s first bebionic small hand user
Photo: ©Zute Lightfoot

A runner with a bionic hand is taking on the London Marathon to raise awareness of stigma and infrastructure barriers faced by disabled people.

Nicky Ashwell, who wears a prosthetic hand that harnesses motors and microprocessors, is representing Leonard Cheshire Disability at April’s race, her seventh marathon.

Born without a right hand, Nicky was fitted with the world’s most lifelike bionic hand last year, enabling her to carry out tasks with both hands for the first time.

Nicky said: “I want to raise awareness of the problems people with disabilities can face – not in coping with their disability, but with infrastructure restrictions and society’s prejudices.”

“I support Leonard Cheshire Disability because of their work to campaign for change in these areas.”

“I would ideally like any funds I raise to be spent encouraging and supporting young disabled people to achieve their goals, especially in the fields of business and sport.”

Leonard Cheshire Disability is the UK’s leading charity supporting disabled people.

Every year, we support thousands of people in the UK and around the world with physical and learning disabilities to fulfil their potential and live the lives they choose.

Nicky, who has been running for ten years, will be among 38,000 participants taking on one of the world’s most famous long distance races.

Originally from Guildford, Nicky is now based in London and works as a product manager in market analysis for creative industries.