Twitter users proved just how much representation matters last week when Lyric Mariah, a Savage X Fenty model who lives with a limb difference, went viral on the platform, heaping warranted praise on Rihanna’s lingerie brand.

Journalist and author Kim Kelly tweeted screenshots of Lyric modelling for the brand, saying how good it felt to see people like her being represented on the website, and thanked Rihanna for the model’s inclusion on her website.

Speaking to In The Know, Kelly explained that she also lives with a limb difference, and feels that disability is often left out of the wider conversation regarding diversity. Kelly’s tweet prompted others to express their joy in seeing themselves or their family represented in the Savage X Fenty wesbite.

Victoria wrote that she “loved” seeing Lyric modelling, adding: “My kid has a limb difference and his eyes absolutely light up when he sees someone with a limb difference.”

Another user, Nya wrote: “Yes, and they’re HOT! It’s not just like she said ‘hey you with the (insert desired demographic to represent)’ these are MODELS!” Their sentiment was echoed by Emma, who said: “also especially with lingerie since disabled people are so desexualised.”

Model Lyric Mariah retweeted much of her praise, and later said “I just feel so honoured and so blessed. What a way to wake up,” after the viral tweet prompted cult style magazine Dazed to publish an article about her modelling. Lyric has previously worked with brands like Dolls Kill and Pretty Little Thing.

Diversity is something that is clearly important to Rihanna as a brand owner, as she has been praised a number of times in the past for the inclusivity she shows across her brands, including Fenty Beauty and Savage X Fenty.

After Fenty Beauty launched its first foundation that catered to one of the widest ranges of skin tones ever seen in a makeup brand, the Fenty Effect took hold and saw other established makeup brands scramble to extend their shade ranges to match Fenty. Savage X Fenty has also been widely praised for their inclusive approach to modelling, featuring trans models in her shows, and a wide array of bodies, skin tones, and sizes across the lingerie brand.

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