There’s nothing worse than getting that one person in the office who’s super hard to buy for in the Secret Santa draw. You either draw your office best friend or the person who has never so much as smiled as you: there is absolutely no in-between. If you’re not really sure where to start, we’ve got some good suggestions to at least give you a jumping board for your Secret Santa gift.

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The Coffee Lover

A red box containing a latte mug, coffee syrup, and three spherical chocolates.Debenhams | £14

Give the coffee lover in your office the gift of five minutes of peace this Christmas with this lovely Costa vanilla latte set. It includes a 50ml bottle of Monin vanilla syrup, a latte glass, and three delicious Lindt chocolates – all of the ingredients to make for a really lovely opportunity to treat themselves and take a break away from the madness of Christmas.

The Craft Beer Lover

A blue box containing a stemmed beer mug and three cans of craft beer.

Aldi | £8.99

God bless Aldi, saving us when we are assigned a budget of £10 for the Secret Santa. This cool set is perfect for the office beer lover and contains both a nice beer glass and three cans of craft beer: Innis and Gunn Session IPA, Harviestoun The Ridge, and Piston Head Kustom Lager. You’ll have enough change from a tenner to get them something daft, too – win-win!

The Stationery Lover

A rack of match boxes in pastel colours which have been designed to look like office files. They contain pins, elastic bands, etc

Marvling Bros Ltd @ Not on the High Street | £12

How absolutely adorable is this set? Every office has that one person who’s obsessed with lovely stationery, and if you’ve drawn them in the Secret Santa, you cannot go wrong with this amazingly cute little set. Paperclips, pins, elastic bands and more are stored in these little matchboxes which are designed to resemble office binders. Ah-may-zing.

The Office Baker

Three brown recipe cards lying on a marble surface. Around them are slices of orange, and a spoonful of sugar.

Clouds and Currents @ Not on the High Street | £5

As the office baker, I need you to know that if I got these you would be upgraded from “respected colleague” to “favourite person in the whole office” (Pos office, please take note). These absolutely beautiful recipe cards are perfect for jotting down important recipes passed on from family members and random Google searches, and fall very nicely into any Secret Santa budget.

The Office Joker

A man who is clearly trying not to laugh wearing inflatable antlers on his head. Someone has thrown a ring and it has landed on the antlers.

Hawkins Bazaar | £6.50

You know that person who has set up a little basketball hoop over the bin, tries unsuccessfully to get a scrap of paper in nine times, gets it in on the tenth then acts like they’re LeBron James? No? Is that just me? Well, regardless, this is a perfect gift for the joker in your office who likes playing daft games when they should definitely be working.

The Food Lover

A metal case containing 12 round metallic containers. They each have a colourful chilli powder inside them.

Marvling Bros Ltd @ Etsy | £20

Do you want to blow the face off your office foodie? Or do you just want to see if there’s truly anything they wouldn’t eat? This set of 12 chilli powders takes your palate around the world, mostly to Mexico, and mostly if the world was on fire. The chili powders on offer range from the notorious Carolina Reaper to the subtle and beautiful heat of chipotle, and everything in between. If anything, get it just to see their face when they taste the Carolina Reaper.

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