BP and PSONA Films release the final two films that complete the ‘Energy Within’ campaign; they both support the sentiment that one should be defined by one’s achievements, not disability.

The second film is ‘Deeper than blue’ featuring Shanntol Ince, who won 4 Gold medals in the
2013 Youth Para Pan American Games.

‘Deeper than blue’ comes from Shanntol Ince’s own experiences of being disabled and how people treated her whilst growing up. The story of how she refused to be held back, instead becoming a swimming champion is incredibly compelling. Moving through contrasts, we first see Shanntol dram like, gliding through the deep blue gloom of the ocean while her long flowing dress gracefully undulates. Switching to her real life, she finds affinity with a lone fish in a tank: both of their worlds are restricted, Shanntol’s being other people’s pity. Her refusal to accept this leads us through sacrifices she has made as well some scenes from her demanding training. A further breath taking sequence brings us to the climax of the film. She enters the sea where she finds unison with a school of fish, calmly circling her almost as if in symbiosis.

Ince is just one of three athletes representing Trinidad and Tobago at the 2016 Paralympics in Rio. The film was shot on location and was one of the islands’ biggest ever shoots. A dive pool was used for Shanntol’s dream sequence with a specialist underwater cameraman flown in from the UK. The shoal of fish were created in post-production by Australia based marine CGI specialists Wildthings.