This winter, while the weather is freezing and the shops are crowded you might consider turning to shopping online for your groceries. It certainly beats having to make your way to and from the supermarket and standing in line for the checkout, which can sometimes seem like a never ending chore. Shopping online means that you can take your time selecting exactly what you want in the comfort of your own (warm) home and have your order delivered right to your door. If you suffer from mobility issues you might find that this option could be a real benefit for you.

mySupermarket is an online shopping site with a difference. While home delivery is one of the biggest benefits, especially for ill or disabled people, this site also offers you the chance to save you money as you’re shopping by helping you source out all the best prices, daily top offers and vouchers.

The site has 5 different supermarket options (Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Ocado). You select a supermarket to start with but as you select products mySupermarket fills your same basket in all the stores as well so you can see the price difference. If you see that your basket is cheaper elsewhere you can just switch stores to get the better deal. There are many money saving features to help you along the way and you can use your usual supermarket loyalty cards to collect the same points as if you were shopping in store or on the supermarkets own sites.

There is a delivery button on the bottom tool bar that brings up all the available slots and charges in your area. These slots and charges are the same as if you were ordering directly from the supermarket so there is no hidden costs or charges for using this service. In fact the entire site is totally free to use.

We filled a test basket full of 8 regular items – milk, eggs, bread , butter, tea, digestive biscuits washing up liquid and toilet paper to see what the cheapest basket looks like today. In Asda today it came to £10.73 which is a great price but the mySupermarket ‘swap and save’ function popped up on a number of items which means they are suggesting a total possible saving of up to £5.32. Some of these savings are for buying larger packs. Often when you buy the larger pack the price per g/ml/unit goes down so it might cost you more this week but next week you might not need to buy it at all as you purchased a larger quantity this week. Other saving suggestions come about because of down shifting a brand level or because of a special offer. Take for example this Tetley 40 tea bag box. It’s a good price at £1.23 for 40 bags but ‘swap and save’ is showing that the Typhoo 80 tea bag box is on offer for only £1.50. That means I get double the tea bags but I’m only paying 27p more. There’s also ‘Make Mine a Bikers Tea’ box of 80 tea bags for much cheaper. It might not be your usual brand but you could pick up double the teabags for only 5p more.

If you are going to grocery shop online this winter so you can enjoy the benefits of home delivery, you might as well use mySupermarket, compare prices and get the best deals at the same time.