The sickening story of how a mother has been forced to cage and shackle her mentally ill son in a homemade cage for 11 years has emerged from China.  The 74-year-old Wang Muxiang made the cage after her son Wu Yuanhong murdered a teenager in his village in  Ruichang, Jiangxi Province, while reportedly suffering an episode of ‘psychosis’.

In 2001, Wu beat to death a 13-year-old boy in the same village. He was released home a year later because he suffered from mental illness.

Mother Wang Muxiang tried to find someone who would weld her a strong cage for her son. The local blacksmiths refused out of fear the sick man may attack them in revenge if he escaped.

Wang Muxiang described how she was forced to build it herself.

‘I wielded the cage while crying heavily. Although he suffers from mental illness and killed a person, he still is my son.

‘Thinking I am making a cage to lock him in, my heart was broken.’