426d1453-848f-454b-aa56-f720707c5817The WDSA (UK) have come a long way since their conception in 2006, this year they will celebrate all of their achievements for one night at the Stratford Circus Arts Centre on Saturday 25 June 2016.

The national charity and governing body has been growing rapidly; wheelchair dance sport now has competitors not just nationally but internationally as well.

Some of the notable achievements over the years have been; seeing Team GB competing in IPC competitions in Holland, Russia, Germany and Finland, we were also lucky enough to send some of our team to Italy to take part in the European Day of Integrated Sport (EDIS), Over the last 10 years we have looked to grow and develop our grass roots engagement with having new groups and instructor not only in England but across the UK.

We wanted to show that anyone can dance from supporting individuals in care and residential homes, Day Services and Special needs schools through to supporting couples wanting to perform their first wedding dance we have grown from strength to strength and engaging and changing individuals and communities to believe that “Everyone Can Dance”

In an interview for the event, co-founder Sue Cummings put the success of the association into a nice little metaphor, “We expected it to be like a small pebble hitting a large lake of water and the little ripples would go out but it’s actually a two tonne brick and we’ve been riding the tsunami wave ever since, which is great!”

626a6a76-2892-4881-8d06-65e4a9dfdeb6As the charity has grown, its board members, staff and volunteers have grown, from a team of 4 trustees and no staff to a Board of 10 and 5 staff employed and over 20 volunteers.

The CEO, Patrick McGeough said, “the charity would not be where it is today if it had not been for the dedication and support of it Board, staff and volunteers, this is our way of celebrating that hard work, support and dedication and showing people that the WDSA (UK) is something to be proud of being part of whether you are an instructor or dancer.”

The charities trustees have also been recognised with Patrick receiving a Torch Trophy Award this year for his services to wheelchair dance as well as co-founder Ruth Boyne being recognised for her services with a League of Mercy Award in 2015.

The event will mark a milestone for the WDSA (UK), as the organisation celebrates its growth and aims to stake their claim as a permanent fixture in the charity sector, with performances from a range of athletes and dancers from the world of Dance and Wheelchair Dancesport and Dancesport The event takes place at Stratford Circus Arts Centre starting at 6:30pm until 11pm.

More details here: wdsauk.co.uk/p=789